SuperBoom · SuperPodcast w/ Bossy Doll Bina
Bossy Doll Bina

SuperPodcast w/ Dossy Doll Bina


” I recorded this mix while being in quarantine. I never missed dancing and the feeling of a club so much. This set is filled with techno bangers ranging from acid techno to hard dance. I was remembering the moments when I was playing at parties when everything was still normal, no restrictions, no masks, no social distancing – the energy was on fire. This gave me the inspiration for this podcast, I kept it hot and spicy to 154BPM. It’s hard to decide for a favourite track in the set to be honest but somehow I fell in love with VCL – Random Shitty Techno Track (starting at 25:00). The sexy bassline and vocals are creating a vibe for itself. “

une heure et seize secondes